Looking for a news source which has no sacred


You’ll find it at On-Target with Larry Sparano.

This veteran Television News Anchor and

Investigative Reporter has long been respected

for his ability to extract information that other

journalists can’t, or don’t want to uncover.

Unlike so many in the mainstream media, he

persists, not allowing those being interviewed to evade, ignore, or obfuscate when they are asked questions they don’t want to answer.

While maintaining such standards, On-Target with Larry Sparano also makes room for a variety of viewpoints, from every part of the political spectrum. You’ll see and hear the opinions of various contributors and commentators in the Viewpoint section of the website, and you’ll even be able to make your own voice be heard in the Sound Off corner, by blogging, or through audio or video segments that you can send directly to the site.

In addition to political content, you’ll hear fascinating interviews with experts in a variety of fields, exploring stories and events that are too often ignored, unknown, or not properly investigated. Topics will range from the Kennedy Assassinations to 9/11, and much more. And unlike so many “Conspiracy” sites, you’ll get the best information available, with an emphasis on what is verified, and what is speculation –tools for you to intelligently analyze events that generate more questions than answers.
So, join us in taking aim at the truth, with a visit to On-Target with Larry Sparano.