Bishops vs. Biden: No Communion for You!

The President of the United States is not in a State of Grace, according to a majority of Catholic Bishops who meet in virtual conference this week. Almost three quarters of the Conference voted to pass a draft resolution that would deny Communion to any Catholic who supports abortion. Although Biden was not specifically named, the vote in large part centered on the bishops' concern with the president's support for abortion rights. Biden has defended his position by stating that while he, as a Catholic opposes abortion, he would not impose his beliefs on others. But bishops who voted for measure say Biden and other Catholics can't have it both ways. They say a Catholic's opposition to abortion must apply to everyone, not just fellow Catholics. On Target's Larry Sparano spoke to Dr. Anne Hendershott about the vote, and the impact it will have on the Church and Catholic politicians. Dr. Hendershott has authored many books and articles on religious and social issues, and is Professor of Sociology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio.

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