Schiff: ‘The Russians are Coming’ Yikes!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Democrat Adam Schiff has been using various means to rouse the American public to the “dangers” of the Trump presidency. His latest rallying cry, emitted during Wednesday’s Senate impeachment trial, has been used time and time again –to scare Americans with dangers that don’t exist. On Target’s Larry Sparano has more on this. But first, he talks with Kent Garret of WIOX Radio New York about race relations. Kent tells the story of how an out-of-town black friend of his borrowed his well-known truck to fill it with gas. But at the filling station, he started pumping diesel into its gasoline engine. Kent’s friends and neighbors in town saw it, and stared disapprovingly. Kent’s friend interpreted that as racism in the very white community. But they were really concerned with the wrong fuel going into the truck that they all knew belonged to Kent.. But Larry says Kent’s white friends were actually remiss for another reason:

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