The Assange Espionage Charge: Trump’s Assault on Freedom of the Press

If Wikileaks Publisher Julian Assange is convicted of Espionage, say goodbye to what is left of democracy in the United States.  That’s the conclusion of On-Target’s Larry Sparano, commenting on the Trump administration’s decision to charge Assange with Espionage.  Today’s piece begins with a portion of an editorial by Jeremy Scahill, the editor of The Intercept news outlet. Scahill says the groundwork for Trump’s move against Assange was laid by President Barak Obama, who,  more than any other chief executive,  harshly prosecuted those who leaked governement documents to the press. Now, with Trump, anyone who merely publishes leaked information would be subject to criminal charges and imprisonment.  Larry says this should raise an alarm from anyone who values Freedom of the Press, which, until now, has been guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

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