Trump-Pelosi Hissy-Fits: Does Either Side Win?

In their latest blow-out, Donald Trump and House Leader Nancy Pelosi each accused the other of wrongdoing, as the war between the Trump Administration and the Congressional Democrats continues. The latest episode of the contining sit-com was set off when Trump walked out of a scheduled meeting with Dems in the White House. Trump says he left, because prior to the meeting, Pelosi accused the President of a cover-up regarding his alleged “obstruction of justice.” As soon as he left the meeting, Trump blasted Pelose and the Democrats in the White House Rose Garden, in a press conference he scheduled before his walk-out. Critics say Trump went into the meeting having already decided to walk-out, so he could immediately attack Democrats for what he describes as their continuing witch hunt and agenda for his impeachment. The meeting, by the way, was to discuss the crucial issue of repairing the nation’s infrastructure. On-Target’s Larry Sparano offers his reaction to the latest partisan skirmish, with Kent Garrett of WIOX Radio New York:

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